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Frequently Asked Questions

What is co-op nursery school?


In a co-op preschool, parents participate in the leadership and daily business of the school. Parents make up the school board, work in the classroom, and benefit from the experience being side by side with teachers and other parents. Parents and children benefit from being at the school. 


Why Choose Co-op?

Parents are able to be intimately involved with their children’s first experiences at school. It is a great opportunity to observe children in their learning environment and is informative on how they interact with their teachers and peers.


Parents are able to learn from observing our teachers (with decades of experience) interact with children, guiding them through new experiences, showing them new skills, and helping children work through conflict and challenges. Working in the classroom, parents learn from teachers, other parents, and other kids right along with their own children. 


Co-ops also have a very high adult to child ratio, meaning teachers are able to give one on one attention to each child. Parents in the classroom focus on child safety, set up, cleaning up and observation, leaving teachers free to give 100% of their energy to the engagement of the children. Parents also have a big say for how the school is run by joining the school board. Best of all, a co-op creates a supportive community of friends for adults and children. 


What are the requirements for membership in RPNS? 

  • Participate in the classroom: work one class day a week, regardless of the age of the child. Parents will have an assigned classroom work day. Only parents or grandparents may work in the classroom, no employees.

  • Attend monthly parent education night classes that cover a range of topics. These classes are mostly with your child’s class, but we have special classes once or twice a year that involve the whole school and will have special speakers. 

  • Committee work: parents are assigned to one of 14 committees. We try to give families one of their top 3 choices. 

  • Attend 3 community building events throughout the year. We offer 7 different events includes a welcome picnic, holiday parade and school auction.

  • Maintenance: each family cleans the school for 2 (Toddler) or 4 (all other classes) one Saturday a year.

  • We ask families donate 2 hours of their time our wonderful Halloween Carnival.


What is it like to work in the classroom?

Parents are given an assigned work day, but jobs rotate every week. On your work day you will have a clipboard with detailed instructions. Duties vary by job but comprise mostly of setting up activities, cleaning spaces, assisting children with tasks, and making sure children are playing safely.


I have other children; what do I do with them on my workday? Do you have an on site childcare or day care for other children?

We do not currently offer childcare due to Covid-19.


Do children have to be potty trained?

No, we welcome children before potty training.


When do you start accepting applications for the following school year? How does the Registration process work?

Open Enrollment begins in February before the Fall. We ask families attend the Open House or view our online info session before registering. Registration dates are announced on our Registration page. 


How can I get a tour?

Email us to schedule a tour to see our school!


Is there any financial aid?

RPNS has a  financial aid program. Parents can apply for financial aid based on a semester system. 


What if I’m scheduled to assist in the classroom I’m unable to work that day?

This is a common concern among parents as we all take our responsibilities seriously; we understand that as parents of young children the unexpected should be expected. Illness and other obstacles occur, and it is the responsibility of the working parent to find a substitute for coverage. If you know you are unable to work in the classroom please call or email the parents in your classroom and arrange a substitute. We’re all parents, and we all face this issue from time to time, so we work together and help each other out.  You are expected to return the favor to the family that subs for you or you can agree instead to pay them a $30 fee.

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