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RPNS Campout Fundraiser


July 12-14 Portola Redwoods

Hillside Group Campsite GHIL

Parking is included


We’re deliberately leaving activities fairly light and all activities will be optional. People will gather around meals and do their own things as needed.


Key organized activities:

  • Campfire - with a singalong if possible, and s'mores

  • A few volunteer-led craft activities

  • Balls, yard games, etc

  • Hiking/nature walks



Friday dinner and Sunday lunch is not provided and each family handles that themselves.


Here is our proposed meal plan.  We will also have volunteer spots to do food prep for Saturday dinner in advance of the trip to simplify cooking.


The general meal plan will be something like:

  • Saturday & Sunday Breakfast:  

    • Saturday: Oatmeal, Cereal, Fruit, milk (lactose free and normal) | possibly bagels/cream cheese.

    • Sunday: Pancakes (lactose free and normal), eggs, cereal, fruit, milk  (lactose free and normal) | possibly potatoes or scrambles with dinner leftovers

  • Saturday lunch:  

    • Build your own sandwiches

    • cheese

    • Fruit (apples, banana, oranges)

  • Saturday Dinner:

    • Build your own tacos or grain bowls (most items can be prepped in advance)

  • Snacks:  

    • Families would bring snacks, sodas, etc

  • Drinks:

    • We will provide some basics like juice boxes, milk - people can bring their own soda.

    • Cocoa, Tea, Coffee

Pricing and Payment:

$100 per adult

$50 per child

All funds in excess of the campsite rental and food/supplies will be generously donated to RPNS

Send payment to 

Venmo: @Jeremy-Friedenthal

Paypal: @JeremyFriedenthal

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