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Toddler Class

For children 13 months (and walking) through 23 months as of September 1st.

Days Per Week:1 day - Tuesday AM or Wednesday AM

Time: 9:15am - 11:15am

Snack:Parents take turns providing a healthy snack for children.

Parent Participation:Parent remains with child during class, taking different areas of responsibility in turn, such as snack, art, housekeeping or outside yard. Attends a two-hour parent education class each month in the evening.  2 absences are permitted each school year.  Attends at least 2 evening community building events per year. Each family is required to participate on a school committee, volunteer 2 hours toward the Halloween Carnival and contribute 2 hours of maintenance per year.

Instructor: Teacher Andi

Tuition: $155 per month

We are a NUT FREE School

Toddler Classes in Action!


My family is thrilled to be a part of Redwood Parents Nursery School! Because of RPNS my son has made many great friends and his social skills have flourished. Their playground is the biggest of any preschool I've seen in the area, and it's perfect for their play based program. Thanks to Teacher Margie and the rest of the staff my son is ready for kindergarten next school year.

My wife and I have also benefitted from the RPNS community. We've made great friends for ourselves at the school and we can't imagine how hard the last couple years would have been if we didn't have other RPNS parents as a support group.

One more thing we love about RPNS: before we joined the school my son's uptight parents didn't know how much fun it was to make mud pies and to smear paint all over things. RPNS taught us to relax and enjoy making a mess.
Dave C.

My first goal for a preschool was finding a program for our then 15 month old to play, learn and socialize, and be exposed to things I could not show her at home. After one year in the toddler class I can say RPNS has far exceeded any of my expectations and has delivered in ways I could not have anticipated. Our daughter has blossomed and absolutely loves her school, teacher and classmates. We have enrolled in the 2's program starting in the fall and she is counting the weeks until she gets to go back to school.

I did not know what to expect from a co-op, but it has been wonderful. The families in this school are fun and friendly, and are committed to raising happy, joyful kids. Most of all, being in the school once a week allows me to witness the developmental strides our daughter is making and to see her grow and make relationships. Nothing is better than that.