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Threes Class

Ages for children 36 months and up by September 1st

Days Per Week: 3 days - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Time: 8:30am - 11:30am

Snack: Healthy Snack provided by RPNS

Parent Participation: Parent works in the classroom one day per week (possibly two days for twins), taking a different area of responsibility in turn, such as kitchen, art, main room or upper yard. Attends a two-hour parent education class each month in the evening.  2 absences are permitted each school year.  Attends at least 3 evening community building events per school year. Each family is required to participate on a school committee, volunteer 2 hours toward the Halloween Carnival and contribute 4 hours of maintenance per year.

Instructor: Teacher Kathy

Tuition: $500 per month

We are a NUT FREE School

Threes Class in Action!


My children have been involved for the past three years. You will not find a more caring and inspirational cooperative nursery school. Margie, Andi, Kathy, Donna, Carina are all very experienced and adored by the children (and parents). Really interactive and creative approach to learning.
Tim P.
Redwood Parents Nursery School is hands down a top notch school.  The community is fantastic and the teachers are stellar.  I attended RPNS 30+ years ago and I still have so many fond memories.  Some of my bestfriends I met at RPNS.

Like any school if you put nothing in, you will get nothing out.  To be a member of RPNS you MUST be a hands on parent who is committed to your child's education and happiness.  There is committee work, night classes and wonderful activities such as the Halloween Carnival, School Auction and Graduation party.  The school is for BOTH, parents and children to be students.  EVERYONE is learning!  Both of my children have fallen in love with RPNS, just as I did when I was a child.  I highly recommend checking out RPNS, you will be sorry if you don't!!!
Jeannie W.