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Pre-K Class

For children 45 months and up by Sep 1, eligible for Kindergarten the following Fall.

Days Per Week: 5 days - Monday - Friday

Time: 12:30pm - 3:30pm

Snack: Healthy Snack provided by RPNS

Parent Participation: Parent works in the classroom one day per week (possibly two days for twins), taking a different area of responsibility in turn, such as kitchen, art, main room or upper yard. Attends a two-hour parent education class each month in the evening.  2 absences are permitted each school year.  Attends at least 3 evening community building events per school year. Each family is required to participate on a school committee, volunteer 2 hours toward the Halloween Carnival and contribute 4 hours of maintenance per year.

Instructor: Teacher Carina

Tuition: $700 per month

We are a NUT FREE School

Pre-K Class in Action!


We have had a child at RPNS since 2007, when we were new to the area and heard about the school through a friend of a friend. We had not researched any preschools, nor did we really know what a co-op was. We just knew we wanted a place where our daughter could roam, exercise her body and imagination and socialize with other kids. Yes, you are expected to put in work time at a co-op. But the benefit of that was that I really got to know the other parents and their children, which, years later, has become invaluable as my daughter has aged, giving me a network of parents I know and trust to share a carpool, host a playdate or just watch the kids while I'm at the dentist. Simply put, my daughter enjoys school, which I believe was rooted in her years at RPNS.
Monty P.

When we originally looked at preschools, our goal was to find the right fit for our two-year old daughter.   Little did I know how amazing it would be for me and that I would gain such a strong community of friends. We picked RPNS not only because of the amazing teachers we met and the warm feelings we had, but also because it was the most spacious and equipped school we'd seen, both inside and out.  

Thanks, RPNS, for what I know will be some of the most precious years of my life!

Erin J.